What were the top selling eBay items for 2005?

What were the top selling eBay items for 2005?

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Amazon and eBay reported on their top-selling items for the past year. This is including popular tech toys and gadgets.

In the consumer electronics category, the top seller for the Seattle-based e-tailer was the silver CyberHome CH-DVD 300S progressive scan DVD player.

In second place was Apple Computers 2-gigabyte iPod nano in black, followed in third place by Apples 512-megabyte iPod Shuffle.

The top-selling video game was Sid Meiers Civilization IV Special Edition.

This is followed by Game Boy Advance SP: Spongebob Bundle with Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom and Nicktoons Freeze Frame Frenzy.

In third place was PS2 Star Wars Battlefront II.

The most popular software was QuickBooks Pro 2006 Financial Software for Small Business, followed by Norton AntiVirus 2006, and Microsoft Office Standard Student and Teacher Edition 2003 in third place.

In terms of Thanksgiving sales, eBay released a special report early on Black Friday. The top-selling toys ahead of Black Friday were the FLY Pentop Computer, Harry Potter Scene It? DVD trivia game, and the Thomas the Tank Engine aquarium set.

Sales of the FLY Pentop Computer jumped 77 percent on eBay over the past 안전놀이터 two weeks compared to the previous fortnight.

The San Jose, California-based auction service also reported that it sold more than 5,000 Xbox 360 game systems in the first 24 hours it was available on November 22, averaging about 3.5 sold per minute.

On that day, the average price for the Xbox 360 units, many of which came bundled with game cartridges and accessories, was $821.

eBay had 5,400 Xbox 360 units available on the site as of Thanksgiving Day.

On another front, Jessica Simpson fragrances outsold Paris Hiltons and Jennifer Lopezs perfumes on eBay.

Shares of eBay were up a penny to $46.65 in recent trading, while shares of Amazon.com were down $0.36 to $47.88.

From these report alone, you will notice that some of the top selling eBay products are not really extraordinary. Some may even be just someone elses basic things which are made like something that everyone wants to have once it is auctioned in eBay.

It is a fact. The ebay explosion has hit astronomical proportions. Over 11 million people did a search for ebay last month alone on the internet. From all walks of life, everyone is drawn to ebay.

Some people use ebay as a hobby to make extra cash. Some people have quit their jobs and are making their living off ebay. On a monthly basis, the phenomenon of ebay continues to expand and grow.

Naturally, the best advice is to start selling part time on ebay so that you can learn the tricks and secrets. It will take some time to learn the inside secrets that the sellers of top selling items know.

Take note. Many people start off selling old or odd items from their homes. Others are going to garage sales and picking up great deals and then selling these products on ebay.

You can find almost anything on ebay. You are only restricted by your own imagination. Who knows? Some of your knick knacks might even turn out to be one of eBays best selling items.

Here is a little tip. Others people junk can be your gold mine.

That old Barbie doll up in the attic or in the basement could be a gold mine and bring in a huge profit. For example, it is reported that the Collectibles Category is the top selling category on Ebay.

An old barbie doll, old red wagon, and old clock are only a few examples of items in the Collectibles Category.

It can be a great way to make extra cash. ebay will take some work and is not a get rich quick scheme. However, if you take your time and do research, you could make extra income for yourself and your family. After you start to make money on a consistent basis, you might consider doing ebay as your full time job.

For your ebay business, all you need is internet access and a product to sell.

Do not worry. If you do not have a product, there are plenty of companies where you can purchase items to sell and turn them to top selling ones. Again, who knows?

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