New Product Proven to Keep Foods Fresher Longer

New Product Proven to Keep Foods Fresher Longer

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What causes food to go bad? All fruits, vegetables and cheese produce a natural gas called ethylene, which causes ripening.

If you keep your produce wrapped or in a sealed container, you are actually accelerating the ripening process because the ethylene gas gets trapped inside. In addition, certain foods such as onions and garlic 메이저리그중계 produce odors that transfer to other foods and dairy products, causing them to lose their freshness and flavor.

A new product called “Forever Fresh For The Fridge” has been proven to absorb ethylene gas, keeping produce fresh at least twice as long as normal and eliminating refrigerator odors. Two independent testing laboratories have tested Forever Fresh For The Fridge and verified its effectiveness.

“Since I started using Forever Fresh all my fruits and vegetables stay fresher longer, like strawberries, which used to last just a couple of days, now they last a couple of weeks,” said Nancy McKimson of Jacksonville, Fla.

Forever Fresh For The Fridge consists of two small pouches: One goes on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and absorbs ethylene gas, slowing down the ripening process and...

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