High Return Residual Income Is Possible, Not MLM.

High Return Residual Income Is Possible, Not MLM.

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Face it, when you hear the term “residual income” associated with a home business or income stream, most of the time you can bet the business is MLM. You see, residual income is a buzz term used by MLMer’s to distract your attention away from the reality that they are selling MLM (I am NOT bashing MLM, just a fact). This is because, regardless what your personal belief is about MLM, many people have been pitched about some form of MLM “over coffee” so much they don’t want to hear about it any more. The good news is that residual income does NOT have to be MLM related.

There are other sources 호빠구인 of residual income and I will summarize one in particular that I think requires the least knowledge and skill, and still produce a residual income stream for you.

You have probably heard the commercials on TV about companies that purchase structured settlements from people. Let me explain, lets say you won the lottery or received a settlement from a court case of some kind, and lets say the payout was $500,000. Lets further say you were receiving monthly payments over 20 years. At the end of those 20 years, the paying entity would have paid...

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