The Worlds Best Chocolate Comes From.

The Worlds Best Chocolate Comes From.

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You know its addictive. You know that it can be fattening. You know that it contains loads of sugar. Has that stopped you? Of course not! Its chocolate were talking about here! Who can give it up? Chocolate is the favorite vice of both young and old. There are so many types out there. You can find practically any kind of chocolate to satisfy even the most finicky among us. Undoubtedly, the worshippers at the altar of chocolate are a vocal bunch. Ask anyone where the best chocolate in the world come from and youll get a variety of opinions, but most will agree that Belgian chocolate is among, if not the, best.

Belgian chocolate, as we know it today, 메이저리그중계 evolved during the 19th century, but chocolate itself had been present in Belgium for roughly three centuries already. Today, there are many major brands of Belgian chocolate including Guylian, Cte dOr and the exquisite Godiva chocolates. Even Leonidas, which is considered to be the cheapest out of all the major brands of Belgian chocolate, has a vast following worldwide.

This can be attributed to the quality of Belgian chocolate, but also the variety available. Unlike many other types, which stick to popular...

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