Sabre Fencing Is Fast And Exciting

Sabre Fencing Is Fast And Exciting

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Sabre fencing is the fast-paced member of the sport of fencing most like old fashioned sword fighting in battlefield conditions. The saber is the “big daddy” in fencing equipment and the largest and heaviest weapon. It is a 스포츠중계 true sword with sides with an edge, unlike the epee and foil.

Sabre fencing has a different strategy since side touches are scored and nearly the entire body is fair game for strikes, except the back of the head, the hands and wrists, and below the waist. Double touching is also not permitted. This makes the opportunity for points greater and the defensive strategies more complicated.

Fencing comes from the real use of swords as weapons of warfare, and these swords had functional points and edges, so that they could both pierce and slash. The sabre blade is most like the fighting sword in appearance and function. It is a bit stiffer than the other swords.

Fencing is an unusual sport in that it depends far less on brute strength than on agility and strategy making it accessible to many athletes both large and small. Women often compete with men because size alone is not much of an advantage, although arm length can be an...

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